Pink Cloud Kimono Hawaiian Shirt
Pink Cloud- Kimono Hawaiian Shirt

Pink Cloud- Kimono Hawaiian Shirt

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Made in Japan<br>
Deadstock Kimono fabric(silk)<br>

Shoulder width:48cm<br>

Chest : 122cm<br>

Shirt length : 70.5cm<br>

Sleeve length : 26cm<br>  

  • Product Details

    Made in Japan
    Deadstock Kimono fabric(silk)

    Shoulder width:48cm
    Chest : 122cm
    Shirt length : 70.5cm
    Sleeve length : 26cm

  • Fabric & Care

    Dry clean or hand wash with cold water. Let it dry in the shade as soon as possible once you wash it. Do not use a dryer and avoid contacting with other clothing as they will discolor.

  • About Kimono Fabrics

    All products are used deadstock Kimono fabric. All fabrics got washed and checked before they are used but sometimes they have stains because they are dyed with natural dyes. And some of the products are We will not take any responsibility for it after your purchase. We appreciate your understanding.