SAI Japan Vintage was started in New York in 2020 by Founder Aya, inspired by traditional Japanese Kimono culture. It was born when she saw people enjoying Kimonos with a free spirit in New York, and thought, "Kimonos are a part of Japanese cultures might have even more possibilities".

Due to the modern-day shift away from Kimonos, there are many beautiful unused (dead stock) Kimono fabrics stored in Japan. Our mission is value-added to respect the original Kimono traditions upcycling these deadstock Kimono fabrics while creating new value for them and conveying the beauty of Kimonos to the world.

*Upcycling is also called "creative reuse" because it is the process of giving new value to a product that would normally be thrown away. It can also be viewed as a product upgrade, as the value-added added through design and ideas can be expected to extend the life of the product.